Our J-Force (Jesus Force) Children’s Music Program is an after school program for children ages 1st grade – 8th grade. J-Force meets each Wednesday from 3 – 5:15pm, proceeding our Wednesday After Hours, from September to Easter. Children are picked up from their schools and brought to the church for an afternoon of snacks, homework time, playtime and musical activities.

The children are divided by age groups in order to provide musical instruction tailored to each ages’ learning abilities.

J-Force I

for kids in 1st & 2nd grades

J-Force II

for kids in 3rd & 4th grades

J-Force Youth

for kids in 5th – 8th grades

Following snack, homework, & playtime each group spends time learning Christian music through singing, movement, and hand-chimes. Each group then performs for one of our three weekly worship services, as well as special services throughout the year.

J-Force registration is held in the fall of each year, or you can contact Rev. Kem Alexander at KemA@fumcmla.com.

J-Force Registration

J-Force Schedule

J-Force Pickup Permission Form